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Seeing the wood for the trees!
...with our services emphasizing aerial and satellite imaging, image processing, image data analysis, training courses on several topics of remote sensing and geographic information systems.

Starting fom February 2012 GISCAT offers specialised services for MAV / UAV aerial image processing also on our new website WWW.AEROGIS.DE.

Digital aerial images up to a size of 21 megapixel in RGB standard color mode, as well as up to 10 megapixel near infra-red false color composites and thermal infra-red images with VGA resolution
Optimized single images, image mosaics, geo-referenced image mosaics and image maps from digital aerial and satellite images
Digital surface models, e. g. detailed forest canopy models or three dimensional surface models of open cast mining areas
3D reconstruction of buildings, industrial plants etc. , starting from simple LOD 1 models up to fully textured LOD 4 models
Large area Mapping of natural and environmental hazards, e. g. storm damage mapping in forested areas
Automated tree counting and tree height determination for forested areas from multi-view stereo images
Training courses in remote sensing basics, digital image processing, analysis of synthetic aperture radar images and the processing of lidar data using open source tools.